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FREE SHIPPING on orders over 60€. ENVÍOS GRATIS en pedidos superiores a 60€.
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Several factors may affect the conditions of our jewelry. Please, be sure to properly clean, polish and store your jewelry for long lasting wear. Many of our materials are delicate and should be worn with care. 


Tips to ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime. 


Protect your jewelry by individually storing each piece in a bag or soft material to help avoid breakage, scratching or tangling. Always store your jewelry with care. We suggest you use the cotton pouch we provide with each piece. This will keep air exposure out in order to preserve the shine and brilliance.

Daily use

All jewelry is vulnerable to the daily use. Protect your pieces by avoiding extreme temperatures, moist places, scratching and harsh chemicals. Avoid spraying perfumes or applying creams directly to the jewelry. Apply them first, let them dry and then put your jewelry on. 

Physical activity and water can also damage your jewelry. We recommend removing your jewelry before practicing sports, showering and swimming. 


Gold plated: The metal parts are plated with a thick layer of 24K gold, but kindly note that with time the plating will be worn off. This is normal and not a reason for a claim. Protect the gold layer and extend it's shine and lasting by periodically cleaning each piece with a microfiber cloth and avoiding substances that aren’t PH neutral. 

Pearls: Cosmetics, creams and perfumes contain chemicals that can dull the luster of a pearl. The natural acids contain in body oils and perspiration can also damage pearls. To help maintain the pearl luster, put a drop of olive oil on a cleaning cloth. Never use or expose pearls to dish detergents or bleaches.